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First, the corporate vision
Become the world's leading textile enterprises, creative wonderful life.
Second, corporate mission
Committed to the development of high value-added products, providing comprehensive value-added services, employees, customers and shareholders to create maximum value, in good faith and serve the community.
Third, the spirit of enterprise
Professional, innovative
Fourth, the development strategy
Specialization, internationalization, leanization and differentiation

V. Program of Action
First, honest cooperation: We uphold the trust and responsible cooperative relations.
Second, innovation excellence: We pursue the company and its customers valuable innovation, excellence.
Third, customer-oriented: We insist on rapid response to meet customer needs.
Six, code of conduct
1, we continue to learn and enterprising, and resolutely eliminate inaction, love fight dare to win.
2, We insist on personal interests to obey the overall interests, individual honor obeys the group honor.
3, We encourage courage to take the initiative to cooperate, mutual assistance and love, grow together.
4, we close to the market, tap customer demand, rapid response, without delay.
5, we ensure product quality and high added value, and the first time for customers to use.
6, we capture innovation breakthrough points in every detail of work, continuous improvement.
7, Our real job is to think about problems, ask questions and solve problems.
8, we work to be complete in place, do not find excuses, do not push, not pass on, vigorous and resolute.
9, we save a drop of water, once electricity, a liter of oil, a grain.