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Polyester first stabilized cotton yarn continued to fall


Polyester: Since December, the Polyester market has been in a weak trend, especially into the middle of December due to the continuous decline in the prices of upstream products and spinning stocks under the influence of this week, Polyester prices showed a downward trend in the range of 300 -400 yuan / ton, individual selling price decline more, this week Monday to Friday flat polyester filament market, downstream buyers hold the wait and see attitude, Polyester market trading volume is also at a general level, Polyester Factory Production and marketing rate of 6-8 into, individual factories even lower. However, due to the rebound of international oil prices on Friday and the uptrend of PTA night-time futures, the wearable sentiment on weekends has been somewhat improved. In particular, POY production and sales have picked up significantly. Prices of POY on Sundays have rebounded 50-100 Yuan / T, for example, POY and other silk prices have risen, so weekends in Polyster purchasing power is so rare.

Polyester POY market performance continued to decline, the market turnover is not flourishing, the market quotes the following behavior, quoted price range of 200-300 yuan / ton level, corporate incentives continue to maintain, the promotional rate has increased. Quotes did not change the performance of such a reason, but the more obvious performance, first, polyester raw materials continue to decline in the market, poor support for the price of polyester fiber; Second, the downstream business purchases insufficient to digest the inventory of polyester filament-based. In addition, the sales of POY75D / 72F, 144F, 120D / 192F and 150D / 144F are still very good. In addition, as the sales structure of warp knitting and circular knitting fabrics is adjusted, the flat sales of POY have weakened recently and the price of POY flat wire has been reduced Volume down.

Polyester DTY market is dominated by the market. Market quotations are still falling. The market sentiment is not strong. The trading volume is basically the same as that of last week. The enterprises still maintain the preferential promotional measures in the actual transaction and enlarge the preferential margin. At present, the level of inventory of enterprises has increased, the pressure on the stock is also increasing. DTY50D / 72F, 75D / 72F, 150D / 144F varieties of volume can be, of which DTY75D / 72F is mainly used for warp knitting machine production of gold velvet, matte, etc., DTY150D / 144F is mainly used for water jet loom production of abrasive cloth And the park on the coral cashmere and so on. The latest offer of major DTY companies, 75D / 72F micromix 11,900 yuan / ton, 150D / 48F low wire 9,900 yuan / ton, 150D / 144F wire network 10,300 yuan / ton, DTY inventory levels in more than three weeks.

The market price of polyester FDY heavy silk is obviously reduced by a relatively large margin. The market price of enterprises has dropped sharply, falling by more than 300-500 yuan. The market transaction level has risen compared with last week. Polyester enterprises decline in the level of polyester stock. Polyester market mainstream FDY50D / 72F, 75D / 72F market is quite dynamic, and FDY68D / 18F more dynamic sales, mainly used for water production weaving Terylene fabric. Large bright FDY150D / 84F silk demand is still good, mainly used for interwoven with nylon FDY70D Jindi Fang. FDY50D / 24F quoted price of 9300 yuan / ton, FDY75D / 36F quoted 8600 yuan / ton, FDY100D / 48F quoted 8300 yuan / ton, FDY150D / 96F quoted 7700 yuan / ton.

Currently the market is very concerned about the trend afterwards, from the upstream and downstream market conditions analysis, the current contract in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions semi-gloss polyester chip transaction price of 6400 yuan / T or so, and the market there is a reluctant sellers, raw materials prices in the vicinity of the settlement price The tendency of the shock rebound time point, the market for polyester filament will have a positive effect, consider the end of the year "to vote" factors, it is estimated there is still some votes to be purchased next week show, plus polyester spinning factory polyester Silk stocks at a lower level, the cost of clearing factors boosted, does not rule out the next week the price of silk rebounded slightly trend.

Yarn: In the past week (December 15-21), the price of cotton yarn continued to decrease. According to the trend of varieties, the sales of cotton yarn of 21S + 40D and (32s + 40D) Market turnover rose slightly, mainly elastic cotton fabric sales still momentum. The prices of polyester and cotton yarn all dropped slightly. Pure polyester yarn market by the upstream polyester staple fiber prices down, the entire price trend of pure polyester yarn market fell in varying degrees; price of polyester and viscose yarn market changes this week, the price temporarily stable situation; cotton yarn market varieties prices stable, In contrast, 10s moving sales, the main downstream weaving for the production of Nylon cotton grosgrain fabrics. This week, polyester staple fiber prices continued to fall, the average market price from 7850 yuan / ton fell to the current 7600 yuan / ton left there. It is estimated that the price of pure polyester yarn will move downwards next week. Viscose staple fiber on the market temporarily adjust the price, the average market price of 11,600 yuan / ton. Cotton yarn market next week will also be expected to adjust the trend.